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"Livin' Inside Your Love" - George Benson.
Top !
Ook op deze (dubbel-) elpee: Ronnie Foster, Phil Upchurch, Earl Klugh.

En een enkel woord van Benson:
"We appreciate the good things of today when we realize
that they are part of dreams started yesterday.
Recognizing this helps us get a better hold on our own
dreams and directions.
Peace, George Benson"

Wat zei ik ? Mooi toch ?

1. Livin'Inside Your Love
2. Hey Girl
3. Nassau Day

4. Soulful Strut
5. Prelude to Fall
6. A Change is Gonna Come

7. Love Ballad
8. You're never Too Far From Me.
9. Love is a Hurtin' Thing

10. Welcome Into My World
11. Before You Go
12. Unchained Melody
1979 / Warner Bros. Records Inc.